X-RAY 6000 PRO C-PIPEAI with newly developed AI software reliably measures layer transitions

With the X-RAY 6000 PRO C-PIPEAI, SIKORA presents a system for the reliable measurement of layer transitions in the production of corrugated pipes. By combining a newly developed software, based on artificial intelligence, with an X-ray based system, a precise evaluation of the X-ray data of corrugated pipes is possible.

SIKORA offers the X-RAY 6000 PRO C-PIPEAI for measuring corrugated pipes. The measuring values are clearly displayed on the ECOCONTROL 6000.

There are two crucial phases during the production of corrugated pipes. In the beginning of manufacturing, it must be ensured that the different layers of the pipes are concentric. This evaluation can take several minutes, even hours, where only scrap is produced. After the start-up phase, the products must be evaluated in order to comply with predefined specifications at a certain line speed.

In order to minimize the duration in which start-up scrap is produced, the manufacturers’ goal is to implement a permanent wall thickness and eccentricity measurement as early as possible in the extrusion process and to use these measuring values to control the process and enable a fast centering. Due to its hill-valley outer pipe contour, the measurement of corrugated pipes is quite challenging.

The X-RAY 6000 PRO C-PIPEAI enables precise measurement of the hill-valley outer contour of corrugated pipes in the extrusion process. By measuring the wall thickness and eccentricity at an early stage, fast centering is ensured and start-up scrap is reduced. In addition to reliable process control during production, this continuous quality control enables maximum cost savings.