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Process optimization

Prior to the starting, during the bleed-off procedure, the CSS 2 reliably shows when the melt has reached the demanded purity and the production can begin. The continuous 100 % online inspection ensures the early detection of contamination and combustion particles such as ambers and scorches in the PE melt. The CSS 2 guarantees a quality control for a perfect timing to start and stop the production.
A quantitative and graphical display of the faults guarantees a cleanliness concept for the highest quality and long operation time of the cable.


Your Benefits

  • 100 % cleanliness of the polyethylene melt
  • Continuous online monitoring
  • Quality assurance


Measuring principleOptical, with high-resolution CCD camera
Application100 % monitoring of the insulation material for impurities (such as metal, wood, amber, scorches) during high voltage and extra high voltage cable production
Minimum size of the detected contaminant20 µm (depending on type of contamination)
Max. Material Flow 350 kg/h
Power Supply 100 - 240 V AC ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz