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Milestones in precision diameter measurement

Integrated display in the gauge head

The devices include an integrated control panel with LCD display. This provides the operator with diameter values at one glance, directly at the measuring device.


Lump detector function

The high measuring rate of the diameter devices also permits the detection of lumps and neckdowns. With the two-in-one system investment costs are reduced and there is more space in the line.


Gauge head design

The opening of the gauges is twice as big as the measuring range to ensure an easy product feed through. A special feature is the swivel type gauge head, first introduces by SIKORA in 1990. It allows for the gauge head to be easily moved up out of the extrusion line. The measuring heads are open at the bottom to prevent dirt and water from falling into the measuring area. Brilliantly protected are the connection cables directly in the gauge head stand as well as the connection plugs in the gauge head.


Your Benefits

  • Integrated lump detection function
  • Integrated LCD display with control panel
  • Up to 5,000 measurements per second
  • Wide gauge head opening