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Fastest surface inspection of extruded products on the market

The TIGER LASER 6010 XY measures the diameter and simultaneously checks the product surface for lumps and neckdowns with a measuring rate of 500.000 measurements per second.

Optionally, the TIGER LASER 6010 XY can be combined with a device of the ECOCONTROL series for displaying the faults. Due to the exact visualization, the faults can be evaluated realistically. The technology is based on two high-resolution image sensors. By means of these sensors, the surface profile is inspected and faults are reliably detected. The high measuring rate guarantees the highest precision of the diameter measuring results.

Additional technical data of the TIGER LASER 6010 XY correspond with the devices of the LASER Series 6000.


Your Benefits

  • Diameter measurement and surface inspection by image sensors
  • Graphical display and storage of the surface profile of detected lumps and neckdowns
  • High fault detection probability


Product Diameter0,1 µm - 10 mm
Diameter Accuracy± 0,5 µm
Min. Detectable Fault Length0,1 mm
Min. Detectable Fault Hight± 0,5 µm
Speed Rangeup to 3.000 m/min
Measuring FrequencyDiameter: 500 Hz
Lump detection: 512 kHz
InterfacesRS485, RS 232, LAN (Ethernet), Line speed input Optional: Anybus-module, Profibus, 2 digital contacts for lump and neck, Analog IN for tolerance specifications, analog OUT for diameter values 2 x 16bit
Power Supply100 - 240 V AC ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz