SIKORA’s X-RAY 6000 PRO guarantees the quality in sheathing lines

The coating of energy cables requires compliance with the highest quality standards and numerous norms. Thus, each micrometer of saved insulation material makes the production more economic and simultaneously saves the increasingly scarce resources. In order to monitor their production processes, manufacturers of energy cables rely on SIKORA’s measuring and control device X-RAY 6000 PRO, which convinces with its high Return on Investment (RoI).

The X-RAY 6000 PRO continuously measures the inner and outer diameter, eccentricity, ovality as well as the average and minimum wall thickness during coating. All measuring values are immediately available when starting up the line and thus, ensure a quick and precise quality control. A significant increase in efficiency while simultaneously reducing production costs guarantees an automatic control at the minimal value of the wall thickness.

A short example:
An energy cable has a 2 mm oversized wall thickness. By using the X-RAY 6000 PRO in the production line, material savings from at least 4 % can be achieved. Regarding the wall thickness of 2 mm, 80 µm wall thickness can be permanently saved. Only the material saving with regard to the oversizing results in a Return on Investment (RoI) of less than a year. Then, savings of approximately 100,000 Euro per year will be achieved.

Furthermore, the measuring values of the X-RAY 6000 PRO are available directly at the line start-up. Thus, less start-up scrap is produced and the regular production process can start more quickly. In consequence, precious time is saved and good production is increased. Reducing the wall thickness to its minimum further leads to a significant increase of productivity of the line and thus, customer satisfaction is continuously growing.