At DKT in Nurnberg from July 2 to 5, 2018 SIKORA, manufacturer and global supplier of innovative measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting technologies will present a broad portfolio of systems for quality control, process optimization and cost saving for the hose and tube industry.

A highlight on the SIKORA booth is the X-RAY 6000 PRO, for measuring the wall thickness, eccentricity, the inner and outer diameter and ovality of up to three different material layers. As standard, the system includes the processor-based display and control device ECOCONTROL 6000 with a vertically arranged 22“ TFT monitor.

The X-RAY 6000 is used for quality control of rubber hoses and tubes

All relevant measuring values are visualized numerically as well as graphically and as trend and statistical data. A line presentation with pictograms of the connected devices provides a clear overview. The ECOCONTROL 6000 ensures the highest efficiency with an automatic control of the line speed or extruder rpm under consideration of the minimum values. Comprehensive information are provided by the reel and length related data storage, included in the ECOCONTROL 6000 as standard.

Single layer or multi-layer tubes, aluminum composite tubes, pressure hoses with textile reinforcement, small or large diameter hoses made of PE, HDPE, PVC as well as foamed products and hoses made of EPDM, nylon, rubber or silicone are reliably measured by the X-RAY 6000 PRO. Moreover, the special version X-RAY 6020 PRO offers quality control of medical and cosmetic tubes.