SIKORA‘s show presence at the Chinaplas 2017 in Guangzhou is focused on innovative measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting devices for the hose, tube, sheet and plastics industries. Introduced will be the CENTERWAVE 6000, an innovative measuring system for the measurement of large plastic tubes and the PLANOWAVE 6000 for measuring plastic sheets. Both devices celebrated their premiere at the K 2016 in Düsseldorf/Germany. A highlight is the PURITY SCANNER, which has been established on the market in the meantime, for online inspection and sorting of plastic material and the PURITY CONCEPT Systems, for offline inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes and films. With this extended portfolio SIKORA continues its claim for “Technology To Perfection“.


CENTERWAVE 6000: Measurement of large tubes with millimeter wave technology
With the CENTERWAVE 6000 SIKORA presents a key player for the measurement of diameter, ovality, wall thickness and sagging of large plastic tubes during extrusion. The system is based on millimeter wave technology and measures tubes from 110 to 3,500 mm. The CENTERWAVE 6000 is available in a rotating version and provides thus a wall thickness measurement at 360 measuring points of the circumference. Alternatively, a multi-axis system with static sensors is available. Both systems measure on an absolutely non-contact basis, do not require coupling media, no calibration and are independent from material and temperature of the tube. “The CENTERWAVE 6000 is pioneering for the continuous, online measurement of large tubes and sets new standards for a line control and quality control of the extra-class. It will completely replace the ultrasonic technology previously used“, explains Wanbin Chen, president of SIKORA CHINA.

The CENTERWAVE 6000 measures plastic tubes with a diameter from 110 to 3,500 mm

PLANOWAVE 6000: Second member of the millimeter wave family
The PLANOWAVE 6000 is like the CENTERWAVE 6000 based on millimeter wave technology with all the resulting technological advantages. The PLANOWAVE 6000 precisely measures the thickness of plastic sheets while continuously scanning across the entire width during extrusion. “With the PLANOWAVE 6000 SIKORA offers a strong system for quality assurance, process optimization and efficiency increase at the sheet production“, says Wanbin Chen.

The PLANOWAVE 6000 measures the sheet thickness during extrusion

PURITY SCANNER: Online inspection and sorting of plastic pellets
An additional highlight at the Chinaplas is the PURITY SCANNER for online inspection and sorting of plastic material. The unique combination of an X-ray camera with an optical camera system is currently the only technology, which reliably detects contamination on the surface as well as inside plastic pellets. Contaminated pellets are automatically sorted out. With the new PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED, SIKORA offers a further online system for inspection and sorting of plastic pellets. The flexible camera system is tailored to special application areas. Depending on requirements the ADVANCED model is equipped with optical high-speed cameras as well as X-ray and color cameras. Depending on the type of contamination and application the system can be equipped with up to 5 different cameras. With the PURITY SCANNER and the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED only pure material gets into the next production process.

The PURITY SCANNER for online inspection and sorting of plastic pellets

Offline inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes and films/tapes with the PURITY CONCEPT Systems
For small material throughputs and applications where sample analysis or an incoming goods inspection is sufficient, the SIKORA engineers have developed the PURITY CONCEPT Systems. These analysis devices can alternatively be equipped with X-ray technology or optical cameras detect contamination in pellets, flakes and films/tapes. The PURITY CONCEPT Systems are for example used for analyzing contaminated pellets that had been detected and sorted out by the PURITY SCANNER. “The interplay of on- and offline inspection and analysis allows for an absolute control of the material purity and provides knowledge for improving processes by preventing contamination”, explains Wanbin Chen.

The PURITY CONCEPT Systems are used for offline inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes and films

Comprehensive measuring device portfolio for hose and tube extrusion
For hose and tube extrusion lines SIKORA’s product range covers devices for innovative diameter measurement with the LASER Series 2000 and LASER Series 6000 up to X-ray measuring systems of the X-RAY 6000 series. By precisely measuring the inner and outer diameter, the wall thickness of up to 3 layers, the eccentricity as well as the ovality of products, the systems ensure manufacturers the highest quality as well as cost savings and profitability during extrusion.

The X-RAY 6000 measures the inner and outer diameter, the ovality, wall thicknesses and eccentricity of hoses and tubes

Visit the SIKORA booth 5.1 C39.

Wanbin Chen, President SIKORA China