From November 17 to 20, 2020 SIKORA presented for the first time the virtual live event “SIKORA CONNECT” for the wire and cable, optical fiber and plastics industries. Both the high number of participants and the positive feedback of the audience met all expectations. SIKORA has thus created a new place of encounter and achieved an important step in the virtual exchange with customers.

During the three live days SIKORA CONNECT could register nearly 1,000 participations, whereby the visitors came from 68 countries. The presenter, Weihua Wang, guided through the event, which was characterized by short and diversified topics with technical product and service presentations as well as insights into research and development. A special highlight were the expert discussions on future trends in the cable industry with well-known machine manufacturers such as Rosendahl, Kurre, the MFL Group, Maillefer, Troester, Supermac and Kabmak. Furthermore, the live connections to the 14 worldwide SIKORA subsidiaries generated great interest and were well attended throughout the event. On average, the audience stayed for 1 hour and 20 minutes in the program.

“With SIKORA CONNECT we have succeeded in giving an insight into our products as well as current projects and to focus on the contacts to our customers also in virtual format. Through the Q&A sessions and chat function in the livestream we have received more than 100 customer questions to our presentations. The great interest shows that a virtual exchange is definitely desired and works excellently in customer communication”, says Katja Giersch, Head of Corporate Communications at SIKORA.

The virtual format will continue influencing communication at SIKORA in the future. But, it is also clear that digital solutions cannot completely replace personal contacts. Therefore, SIKORA will continue pursuing the combination of a presence fair and a virtual event in customer communication.

Those who could not join live at SIKORA CONNECT still have the opportunity to visit the event pages and then view all contributions under “Session Replay”.