Flexible camera system for all requirements
With the presentation of the PURITY SCANNER for inspection and sorting of plastic material at the K 2013, the attention of the SIKORA research and development department was directed to application areas, which have not been in the focus during the development of the system in 2011. Originally aimed at requirements of the cable industry – especially for the manufacturing of high-voltage cables, where cross-linkable PE is mostly used – it became quickly clear at the K 2013 which requirements regarding purity also exist in other industries.


Visualization of detected color deviations on the ECOCONTROL 6000

Accordingly, from 2013 to 2016 hundreds of discussions were held with plastic manufacturers, compounders and consumers from different industrial branches and several tons of plastics were tested in SIKORA’s own clean room laboratories under near-production conditions.


Visualization of detected contamination inside of transparent pellets on the ECOCONTROL 6000

PE, PA, XLPE etc. are only some examples of materials that have been tested with the optical and X-ray camera system of the PURITY SCANNER. Customers from more than 50 countries came to the SIKORA headquarters in Bremen, Germany, to accompany these tests as well as to support the set-up of the catalogs of requirements. Next to the detectability and sorting of contamination, the documentation of results as images or statistical data was equally important. During the discussions with an experienced and demanding customer base, the idea for the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED was born.


Visualization of detected contamination inside the pellets and on their surface on the ECOCONTROL 6000

The concept of the PURITY SCANNER with its optical and X-ray pellet inspection as well as the automatic sorting did undoubtedly open new possibilities and is nowadays, operating successfully worldwide. The PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED, and its flexible camera system that is concentrated on special applications, was initially presented at the K 2016. Optionally, the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED is equipped with high speed optical cameras as well as X-ray and color cameras.


The flexible camera concept of the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED

1. X-ray camera
For the detection of contamination inside the pellets, the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED has an X-ray camera as standard that reliably detects, for example, metallic contamination from 50 µm.

2. Optical camera
Just like the PURITY SCANNER, the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED offers reliable optical cameras to detect discolorations, scorches and other contamination on the pellet surface.

3. Color camera
By using a color camera in the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED, the device is able to sort out reliably unfamiliar pellets of a different color as well as color deviations.