Intelligent combination of light table and automatic material control
PURITY CONCEPT V (Visual) from SIKORA is an innovative offline system for optical inspection and analysis of transparent and colored plastic pellets by means of an intelligent light table. The material to be tested moves automatically through the system and contamination such as black specs are visualized. The system is suited for sample testing of produced material or for incoming goods inspection.
Until now, sample testing of pellets have been carried out mainly by means of light tables. The material to be tested was optically illuminated on a table and manually inspected by the operator. This method is dependent on the examiner and provides a limited repeatability. Additional limitations are the size of the contamination visual by the human eye as well as the classification by size. Alternative optical offline inspection devices feed the test material into a hopper and through a channel into the inspection area. Thereby, images are recorded successively and contaminated material is sorted out. Due to the blending of the sorted out material, a clear allocation of the contamination to the graphic material as well as a follow-up inspection are impossible.

PURITY CONCEPT V for automatic, optical inspection of plastic material
PURITY CONCEPT V contains the advantages of a light table, complemented by an automatic offline material control. The intelligent system moves the test material on a sample tray through the inspection area. Within seconds, the material is inspected automatically by the color camera and contaminated material is marked directly on the sample tray by a projector. By analyzing the recorded images, contamination on the surface of transparent and colored material are detected automatically, visualized and evaluated. A clear allocation of the contamination and follow-up inspection are possible at any time. Thus, the system contributes significantly to quality control and process optimization.