SIKORA is using the LASER World of Photonics 2017 in Munich as stage for a variety of innovative measuring and control devices at different positions in the optical fiber drawing tower for quality control and process optimization. Visit the SIKORA Booth (B3.112) and see the devices live – integrated in an optical fiber drawing tower.


SIKORA’s FIBER Series 6000 – innovative devices for quality control in the drawing tower

Online quality control of optical fibers in the drawing tower already starts below the furnace with the FIBER LASER 6003 for diameter and position measurement of the uncoated fiber and the evaluation of the fiber spinning and tension by optical technology. At the hot end of the drawing process there is usually also the FIBER TEMP 6003 installed for measuring the temperature of the optical fiber that gives information for controlling the furnace.

After the forced cooling, the diameter of the optical fiber is measured once again by an additional FIBER LASER 6003 gauge head. At this position also an airline detection (FIBER LASER 6003 AIRLINE) and an additional temperature measurement is carried out. A temperature measuring gauge head is of particular interest for manufacturers as with the information on the fiber temperature, they can use the exact amount of helium that is needed and thus save cost.

After the optical fiber has received its coating and has gone through the UV drying process, a further FIBER LASER 6003 determines the diameter of the coated optical fiber and gives information on the coating concentricity. In a final step for quality control, the surface of the optical fiber is inspected for any lumps and neckdowns by the FIBER LUMP 6003.

The measuring values and information on the surface quality is visualized at a connected processor system FIBER ECOCONTROL and support the manufacturer to take further actions to control and optimize the drawing process.