High-end stand-alone gauge head for measuring the tension of optical fibers

The fast, lossless transmission of data over long distances using optical fiber cables is essential for our increasingly digital and networked societies. In order to ensure an optimum optical fiber quality, a variety of measurement and control technologies are already used in the drawing process. A decisive influencing factor for the fiber quality is the tension.

Interesting for this application is the FIBER TENSION 6003 from SIKORA with a remarkable measuring rate of 10 kHz. The self-sufficient measuring system offers a robust and precise tension measurement for validation as well as control of this eminently important parameter. The measuring principle is based on the refractive properties of glass. The FIBER TENSION 6003 particularly attractive for manufacturers of high-end solutions where the drawing process is controlled by the tension. Thus, the FIBER TENSION 6003 is predestined for optical fibers being processed into premium optical fiber cables for which particularly high requirements and standards exist.

The integrated measuring method is based on the principle of birefringence. The FIBER TENSION 6003 can be used for both hot and cold measurement of the bare fiber, independent of production influences such as the position of the fiber in the measuring field, the production speed and the vibration or oscillation of the fiber. Installed before or after cooling, the system generates reliable and stable measuring values and thus enables immediate control of the tension.