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Control in Perfection, right from the start.

Based on millimeter wave technology, the CENTERWAVE 6000 NEXT "to the pipe head" measures the distribution of wall thicknesses directly after the pipe head – over the entire circumference of the pipe as soon as the production line is started up. A rotating radar sensor connected to the pipe head is located centrally in the pipe. Wall thickness, diameter and concentricity are measured over the circumference from the inside of the pipe using millimeter wave technology. The measured values are visualized graphically.

Combines efficiency on the highest level: CENTERWAVE 6000 NEXT „to the pipe head“ and CENTERWAVE 6000

After the CENTERWAVE 6000 NEXT „to the pipe head“ has determined the warm values, the combination with the proven CENTERWAVE 6000 after the first vacuum tank also offers the already stable and final cold values of the wall thickness of the pipe. The line can thus be controlled to the minimum permitted nominal value with optimum concentricity without delay. Typical dripping effects (sagging) in plastic pipes can be compensated by the interaction of both systems. The system simultaneously determines the weight per meter. A gravimetric measurement is therefore no longer necessary.

Intuitive and simple, without prior knowledge of the material and its high-frequency properties, precise measured values are generated. In order to control to the nominal value, it only needs to be entered. When controlling the wall thickness to its minimum value, a software automatically determines the required addition to the target value.

The use of the CENTERWAVE 6000 NEXT "to the pipe head" makes the start-up process considerably easier and at the same time significantly shortens it. This optimizes the production process, ensures the highest quality of the pipe and saves costs. A fast return on investment (RoI) is guaranteed.