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This week, we should have met our customers from the wire & cable as well as tube business units at wire / Tube in Düsseldorf. Unfortunately, the current situation does …

Inspection and sorting of plastic pellets as a guarantee for visually and functionally perfect products

Black specks and color deviations often lead to increased scrap rates in the production of plastic injection molded parts, but also in the manufacture of profiles, cables and pipes. The same applies to metal inclusions in the pellets, which leave traces in the end product and the processing machines and cause costs. As far as black specks are concerned, this type of material contamination is often caused by thermal overload, while metallic impurities are mostly due to damage and wear of screw, barrel and pelletizing unit during the compounding process.

совместная работа – это успех!

“Объединение – это начало, сотрудничество – это прогресс,совместная работа – это успех!” – Генри Форд Памятуя это, мы уже с нетерпением ждем нашего сотрудничества с вами в будущем и достижения …