HEW-Kabel GmbH uses the CENTERVIEW 8000 from SIKORA for quality control of special cables

HEW-Kabel GmbH is an international special cable manufacturer for industrial and automotive applications. The company, located in Wipperfürth/North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, uses the CENTERVIEW 8000 from SIKORA for the measurement of diameter, wall thickness and centricity of special cables during extrusion. The cooperation of the two companies is based on the continuous development of innovative technologies to ensure highest cable quality.

Since its foundation 57 years ago, HEW-Kabel has been developing and producing customer-specific special cables for industrial and automotive applications where miniaturization, high flexibility, thermal stability at extreme temperatures and long service life play a key role. Innovation is a top priority at HEW-Kabel and traditionally provides valuable impetus for the development of forward-looking technologies and processes. The company also places future orientation and the highest demands on its suppliers. “As a manufacturer, we are committed to delivering the highest quality to our customers. Reliable quality control is essential to meet our customers’ requirements,” says Darius Gach, Head of Quality at HEW-Kabel. There are several quality control methods on the market. However, they must meet certain characteristics. “SIKORA is innovation-driven and therefore very similar to us in terms of requirements. The CENTERVIEW 8000 offers the best performance regarding the integration into our production lines,” adds Christoph Dohr, Test Equipment Officer at HEW-Kabel. According to Dohr, competitors could not deliver a comparable overall package to HEW. “We use the SIKORA systems in our lines to control diameter, wall thickness and centricity. The advantage for us is the easy integration into the existing production lines. The measuring values of the CENTERVIEW 8000 are used to monitor our specifications and those of our customers,” says Dohr.

Quality as well as product safety and conformity will continue to play an essential role at HEW-Kabel in the future. New technologies are conquering the mobility market and creating new access for related industries. The energy concept of the future is inconceivable without electromobility. What is certain, however, is that digitization will increasingly find its way into ultra-modern machines and plants. For example, the topic of “autonomous driving” is being discussed, which in turn requires self-sufficient safety sensors and a variety of different state-of-the-art cable solutions (including data cables). “No matter what the market decides, HEW-Kabel will provide innovative solutions as usual. Industry 4.0 is also an issue here. Digitization, paperless documentation, extensive provision of data such as monitoring and evaluation of data from the measuring devices, such as from SIKORA, will become even more important in the future,” says Gach. The company works on high-quality, tailor-made new developments under the slogan “tailor-made solution”. For example, the cable manufacturer develops applications outside the high temperature sector such as cables for wheel speed sensor technology, high speed data (HSD) or high voltage cables (LV216). A strong partner is also SIKORA with innovative measuring devices for quality control of the cables during extrusion.