Great interest in innovative measuring, control and sorting systems

The wire 2022 was a great success for SIKORA. “Many customers visited our booth to experience our devices and technologies live. The visit was accompanied by pleasure and gratitude about the finally again possible, personal exchange, which could be maintained but not replaced by virtual encounters in the last years”, emphasizes Dr. Jörg Wissdorf, member of the board at SIKORA.

Although the number of visitors at the trade show and at the SIKORA booth had slightly decreased compared to 2018, the quality of the conversations could clearly increase. “We were able to welcome trade visitors such as customers and partners of the industry at our booth with whom we discussed, negotiated and even concluded concrete projects,” explains Wissdorf.

The visitors came mainly from Europe, above all Germany, followed by Turkey, Italy, France, and Poland. “We were also able to inspire some customers from South America and Korea with our equipment for quality control during extrusion”, explains Wissdorf. In addition to the data cable industry, the automotive, installation, optical fiber and power cable sectors were strongly represented. But also, the interest in the inspection and sorting system PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED showed the importance and the great potential that inline purity testing of pellets offers in the cable industry.

Technologies for quality control during extrusion that lead to material as well as cost savings generated a lot of attention. “Intelligent systems for continuous measurement and control of product parameters help to optimize the extrusion process, enabling manufacturers to produce more efficiently and further reduce the CO2 footprint”, says Wissdorf. The SIKORA booth made this vividly clear. On approximately 190 sqm and two floors, SIKORA presented its future-oriented technologies and videos, which summarized the benefits of the systems in an understandable way. The second floor was used as a lounge, where customers could have individual conversations with the SIKORA experts while enjoying food and drinks, prepared by a gourmet chef.

The successful participation at the wire confirmed that personal contacts and presence events are and remain important. SIKORA is confident that also the upcoming trade shows will attract more and more visitors, as a personal conversation remains irreplaceable for exhibitors and customers.