SIKORA is a leading manufacturer and supplier of online measuring, control, inspection, analyzing and sorting technologies for the wire and cable, optical fiber, hose and tube, sheets, metals and plastics industries. Worldwide, users of SIKORA technology benefit from an increasing quality, process optimization and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

X-RAY 6120 PRO cable measurement

At wire South America, SIKORA presents innovative Laser and X-ray technologies for precise and reliable measurement of product parameters such as diameter, ovality, wall thickness and concentricity. In addition, SIKORA showcases spark testers for the detection of insulation faults, lump detectors for the detection of faults on the product surface, capacity measuring systems as well as devices for reliable conductor preheating and temperature measurement and control.

SIKORA is headquartered in Bremen, Germany. Since 1973 the high-quality devices have been developed and manufactured at this site. With regard to service and sales, SIKORA is globally active with offices in Brazil, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, the Ukraine, USA and the United Arab Emirates. In cooperation with more than 30 local representatives worldwide, SIKORA serves all customer demands for optimum quality control and productivity. In addition, international service locations assure fast and reliable customer support on site.