X-ray based X-RAY 6000 PRO precisely measures the wall thickness

SVAROG, located in Novokuznetsk in Siberia, Russia, is a specialist in the production of rubber high pressure hoses. Since July 2021 the manufacturer has been using the X-ray based X-RAY 6000 PRO from SIKORA for the measurement of the wall thickness, eccentricity and diameter of high pressure rubber hoses during the extrusion process. It is the first device of that kind that has been installed in a rubber high pressure hose production line in Russia. The cooperation between the two companies is based on the demand for precise measurement and automatic inline control to ensure the highest hose quality and optimal processes.

Quality requirements of rubber high pressure hoses are very high and are determined by standards. Therefore, since 2007, when the plant started its operation, SVAROG has been focussing on manufacturing high pressure hoses in accordance with the European standard DIN EN. The high quality demands also led to the cooperation with SIKORA, a German manufacturer of innovative measuring, control as well as inspection and sorting technology.

The product range of SVAROG includes different types of rubber hoses with an outer diameter from 9.4 to 54 mm with one or multi-layer metal wire braiding. Before deciding for the X-ray measuring device in 2021, the customer was measuring only the outer diameter. With SIKORA’s X-RAY 6000 PRO it is also possible to measure the wall thickness of the outer layer after the metal wire braiding and also the inner layer of the hose on the mandrel. The real-time measuring values provide the customer the necessary information on the product to meet required specifications. For maximum benefit SVAROG also plans to integrate the device into the production line controller in order to implement an automatic control of the production process. This will lead to further process optimization, the highest product quality and efficiency