Live presentation of the optical inspection and analysis system PURITY CONCEPT V

A live inspection and analysis of plastic pellets with the PURITY CONCEPT V from SIKORA has never been so close – namely, directly on your own premises. Hilger Groß, Business Development and Area Sales Manager for plastics, is visiting customers at different locations in Germany and neighboring countries with the SIKORA mobile and invites them to test plastic pellets with the PURITY CONCEPT V – uncomplicated and free of charge.

“The focus of our roadshow is to make the inspection and analysis system tangible”, says Hilger Groß. “Customers can experience the performance of the PURITY CONCEPT V live on their own premises. Especially in the current situation, it is received very well by our customers when I arrive with the SIKORA mobile and present the system”, explains Groß and assures, „of course, always in compliance with the valid hygiene and distancing regulations.”

Hilger Groß, Business Development and Area Sales Manager for the business unit plastics, visits with the SIKORA mobile customers for demonstration of the PURITY CONCEPT V

The PURITY CONCEPT V is an automated light table and is used for optical sample testing, quality control and analysis of plastic pellets. The material sample is placed on a sample tray and moved through the inspection area. Within seconds, the material is inspected automatically by a color camera and a projector marks the contaminated material directly on the sample tray. The PURITY CONCEPT V detects reliably all optical contamination, such as black specks, color deviations or blendings, from a size of 50µm on the surface of transparent, translucent and colored material.

With the software “PURITYLab-PROfessional”, the operator receives images of all contamination, detailed statistics about size and frequency of the detected contamination as well as sorting by size categories. A clear allocation of the contamination and follow-up inspection are possible at any time. “The system is more accurate, more reproducible and more reliable than the human, eye and manual light table, and thus, contributes significantly to quality control and process optimization,” says Groß. Furthermore, “real pellet inspections are the best proof that a system works and give information about advantages which are received by the use of such equipment. We want our customers to personally experience the precision, speed and simple operation of the system,” explains Groß.

SIKORA “On tour” will continue until the end of this year for customers in the whole of Germany and in neighboring countries like Austria and Switzerland.

If you would like to experience the PURITY CONCEPT V, SIKORA “On tour” will also come to you. Please contact SIKORA via email at or as well as by telephone under +49 176 14890125.