Optimized production processes with SIKORA’s powerful ECOCONTROL processor

In the increasingly complex and automated tube and pipe production, measuring devices that reliably measure the required product parameters in real time have long been standard. However, measuring alone is no guarantee for excellent product quality. Only in combination with display and control systems such as the SIKORA ECOCONTROL series, the production process can be specifically controlled and optimized.

SIKORA offers three ECOCONTROL premium processor systems with 22”, 15” or 8.4” TFT screens. All models are characterized by their simple and intuitive touch screen operation and a clearly arranged display.

Data logging
Recorded production data can be stored on the internal SSD hard disk or directly on a server (Ethernet). Production reports (time, length and batch based) are also available for all ECOCONTROL models, which are used in quality control as well as in daily production to document product quality over a defined period of time.

Interfaces and Industry 4.0
Furthermore, the ECOCONTROL series has all standard market interfaces, such as fieldbus or OPC UA, to conveniently transfer measurement data to the plant control system or server structures. The devices are therefore “Industry 4.0 ready” and ideally suited for use in modern tube and pipe extrusion lines with increasing levels of automation.

Automatic control
In addition to the display and documentation of measured data, the ECOCONTROL series offers its own automatic control with the SET POINT module. Here, the processor system automatically modifies the haul-off speed or the extruder speed to control to the nominal value of the wall thickness. The ECOCONTROL models thus enable a higher degree of automation (especially for older extrusion lines) and guarantee maximum process reliability with increased productivity and simultaneous compliance with the given specifications.

All supplied information is compactly summarized on one page in three sections.

  • Numerical mapping of the measured values
  • Graphical display of the measured values as a circular display
  • Graphical display of the measured values as a circular display
  • Time- and length-oriented trend display of all values
  • Extensive production statistics: min. and max. values, mean value, standard deviation, CP and Cpk values, statistical distribution curve of the measured individual values
  • Graphic of wall thickness distribution related to the circumference in 360° (only available for CENTERWAVE 6000)