Every material has a specific refractive index. It defines how fast and with which intensity a signal travels through the material. With the knowledge of this parameter, the wall thickness, diameter, ovality and inner profile (sagging) can be measured and calculated. As the refractive index is dependent on different factors, such as cleanliness of the material, temperature, couple media etc., it is always a source for possible measuring errors.

The CENTERWAVE 6000 is unique in this respect. It determines automatically the refractive index with each single measurement and therefore offers the highest measuring accuracy without any calibration. The knowledge of the exact refractive index is indeed essential for the determination of the diameter, the ovality, the wall thickness and the inner profile (sagging). Whether ultrasound, radar or another technology, these product parameters are determined by the duration of the measuring beam through the measuring plane up to the measurement at the receiver. Depending on the value of the refractive index of the material to be measured, the measuring values are influenced accordingly.

Different attenuation behavior of the measuring signal of the CENTERWAVE 6000
Polyethylene (PE) is amongst others a common material for the production of pipes and tubes for various application areas. The refractive index is about 1.5 in the pure state. Different temperatures, added additives, individual production processes of different producers as well as the use of recycling materials have an influence on the refractive index and thus on the measuring results. In this respect SIKORA’s automatic calculation of the refractive index is an innovation that contributes to process reliability and thus to profitability.

With the help of complex mathematical formulas, the refractive index over the entire circumference of the pipe is determined with every single measurement. Also at changes of external factors such as temperature as well as material characteristics, cleanliness or additives, the CENTERWAVE 6000 offers reproducible measuring results.

A further advantage of the system is the complete documentation of the measuring results with the processor system ECOCONTROL 6000, which prove the quality of the final product. Also the compliance with legal requirements like a continuously conductive space that is, for instance, made of graphite and for the protection of all operators, can be found on the comprehensive report.