The PLANOWAVE 6000 ensures the highest quality in sheet extrusion

During the extrusion of plastic sheets, nothing should be left to chance. The PLANOWAVE 6000 measures online, directly after the start-up of the line, the thickness as well as the grammage and density of sheets and thus, ensures the compliance with specifications. It is suitable for the measurement of any type of plastics, for example, PVC foam, transparent plastics made of PMMA and PC as well as common technical plastics such as PE.

PLANOWAVE 6000 measures the thickness, grammage and density of plastic sheets

The innovative measuring principle based on millimeter wave technology enables the integration of the system at the hot and cold position in the line and, therefore, is predestined for a continuous and reliable quality control of sheets. A transceiver, which is traversing over the sheet, sends and receives frequency modulated millimeter waves. From the runtime difference, the thickness of the sheet is precisely determined, independent of material and temperature of the sheet. A calibration on the material is not needed.

The PLANOWAVE 6000 directly measures through the sheet, making it especially interesting for products, whose material structure does not show homogeneity over the sheet width. This inhomogeneity is shown online by the system.

The measuring values are visualized in real-time and in correlation with the segment width of the dies at the monitor of the processor system ECOCONTROL 6000 and can be used for an automatic thickness control. A graphical visualization with extensive trend and statistics functions are also available. This way, the operator receives a broad overview about the process.