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Processor systems with outstanding performance

Choose the extremely innovative and powerful ECOCONTROL 6000, the unique ECOCONTROL 1000 or the smart ECOCONTROL 600. Each of these display and control systems exceed all expectations in their class.

The innovative display of the line with pictograms of the connected devices provides a unique overview, while the numeric and graphic display of the measuring values, trend diagrams and statistics fulfill every demand regarding the process visualization.

The 22”, 15” and 10” TFT monitors and the intuitive touchscreen control of the ECOCONTROL 6000, 1000 and 600 processor systems represent an intelligent and cutting-edge technology.

Automatic diameter/wall thickness control

In combination with the control module SET POINT, the ECOCONTROL systems deliver quality assurance and cost reduction. They ensure a continuous, automatic control of the diameter or wall thickness to the nominal value by controlling either the line speed or the extruder rpm.

Hot/Cold Module HC 2000 (ECOCONTROL 6000/1000)

With the Hot/Cold Module HC 2000, the material shrinkage is continuously calculated and considered automatically for the control of the diameter and/or wall thickness.

CD-Control for wire and cable production lines

Taking into consideration, that diameter and capacitance influence each other, the SIKORA CD-Control compensates the necessary correction in the control process by an advanced calculation of the expected changes of the respective other measuring parameters.

FFT analysis/Structural Return Loss (SRL)

Optionally, the ECOCONTROL 6000 visualizes periodical variations of the product parameter from an FFT analysis of the measuring values as well as the Structural Return Loss (SRL) data, that is specifically tailored to the requirements of the production of data and RF cables. This software package was developed with the support of competent partners of the industry and detects weak points of the production in time.

Data Storage

The data storage on a hard disk is a standard for the ECOCONTROL 6000. For the ECOCONTROL 1000, this feature is optionally available. For the ECOCONTROL 600, an external media storage (USB, LAN) is available upon request.


Time, length or reel related production reports are available for each of the three ECOCONTROL devices (6000, 1000, and 600).

VIRTUAL 2000 – Intelligent software concept

The virtual gauge technology is suitable for all applications, which require a fast wall thickness control, but due to line configuration or product structure, a diameter or wall thickness measurement directly after the extruder is not possible.