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Furthermore, the display and control devices are equipped with an intelligent software technology, which realizes on an automatic production control according to the application.

Automatic diameter/wall thickness control: SET POINT
A special feature of all ECOCONTROL models is the control unit SET POINT. It ensures a continuous, automatic control of the diameter or wall thickness to the nominal value by controlling either the line speed or the extruder rpm.

Hot/Cold control: HC 2000
With the HC 2000, the material shrinkage is continuously calculated and considered automatically for the control of the diameter and/or wall thickness.

CD-Control for wire and cable production lines
Taking into consideration, that diameter and capacitance influence each other, the SIKORA CD-Control compensates the necessary correction in the control process by an advanced calculation of the expected changes of the respective other measuring parameters.

FFT-Analysis/Structural Return Loss (SRL) for wire and cable production lines – ECOCONTROL 6000
Optionally, the ECOCONTROL 6000 visualizes the FFT and Structural Return Loss (SRL) data that are specifically tailored to the requirements of the production of data and RF-cables.

Data Storage
Data storage on a high-performance hard disk is included at the ECOCONTROL 6000 and 1000 and optionally available for the ECOCONTROL 600.

The virtual gauge technology is suitable for all applications where the line configuration or the product structure does not allow for measurements directly after the extruder. VIRTUAL 2000 eliminates the delay time which results from controlling the extruder with measurement values from the end of the line. Already at the start-up of the line, the intelligent software concept calculates the expected cold wall thickness from given product and line parameters.