Whether it’s thin signal cables, standard data cables or thicker battery cables, the CENTERVIEW 8000 ensures quality and dimensional accuracy of the cores and reduces material consumption to a minimum. Here are 6 reasons why:

1. Two models for different cable dimensions:

  • The CENTERVIEW 8010 measures small coaxial cables, data cables, vehicle cables with a diameter from 0.25 to 10 mm.
  • The CENTERVIEW 8025 measures products with a diameter of 0.5 to 25 mm. E.g. thick battery cables, which are increasingly used in electric cars.

Optionally, for example for microcoaxial cables, the system is also available for diameters from 0.1 mm.

As an alternative to the classic cold measurement at the end of the line, the measuring head can also be installed directly after the extruder and thus before the cooling section.

2. Optical and inductive measuring method combined

The inductive measuring circuit determines the exact position of the conductor, the optical system the outer position of the wire.The optical part is based on the principle of diffraction analysis connected with impulse-controlled laser diodes, whose light beam projects an image of the wire on the respective CCD line in each measuring axis. Two (!) optical systems measure the position and width of the shadows over 4 axes at 8 points. From the position of the shadows in relation to the inductively measured position of the conductor, the eccentricity is calculated within microseconds directly in the measuring head. From the width of the four shadows, the optical systems also precisely determine the respective outer diameter and ovality. 

3. Automatic height adjustment of the measuring head

The inductive measuring circuit automatically positions the measuring head so that the conductor always passes through the center of the measuring head. Even skewed positions of the conductor are detected independently by the system and automatically compensated.

Guide rollers, a manual presetting or readjustment of the system are not necessary..

4. Display options

Display of the eccentricity values in a point cloud on the ECOCONTROL 6000
 The CENTERVIEW 8000 is available with an integrated 7”-TFT-touchscreen monitor . Alternative are the SIKORA ECOCONTROL processor systems. Thanks to the standard display of the eccentricity, the spraying tool can be centered.

Thanks to the extremely low exposure time of 0.25 µs, the CENTERVIEW 8000 captures oscillating eccentricity values with a high single value accuracy. 5,000 points graphically represent the distribution of short-term fluctuations of eccentricity. Each point corresponds to a single value of eccentricity with respect to magnitude and direction. This unique display allows the operator to see which eccentricity values persist even after optimal centering, and which fluctuation range is present.

5. Hot/cold control and FFT analysis.

The CENTERVIEW 8000 can optionally be combined with the hot/cold control module of the ECOCONTROL 6000 or 1000. The module calculates continuously the material shrinkage and considers this automatically for the control of the diameter.

In addition, the CENTERVIEW 8000 provides information on eccentricity values and cold diameters, which can be used in combination with the ECOCONTROL 6000, the LASER Series 2000/LASER PRO (hot diameter) and the CAPACITANCE 2000 (capacitance values) can be used for FFT analysis and return loss calculation.

6. Continuous precision without calibration

The CENTERVIEW 8000 is factory calibrated prior to shipment. After on-site installation, a one-time concentricity adjustment is performed. Further calibrations, maintenance or adjustments to different product dimensions are not required.