Lumps and neckdowns reliably detected

Nowadays, for a continuous quality control lump detectors for surface inspection are as indispensable as diameter measuring devices. Surface defects, such as bubbles, lumps or neckdowns, are directly detected and recorded during production. Furthermore, the operator is informed by means of a signaler. Therefore, a flawless quality of the cable, hose or tube is ensured upon delivery.

LUMP 2000 lump detector for surface inspection

LUMP 2025 XY
LUMP 2025 XY

During the production of cables, tubes and hoses, LUMP 2000 measuring devices inspect contactless lumps and neckdowns on the product surface. The technological basis is provided by the innovative double sensor technology. The detection of lumps and neckdowns is made by recording the change of light quantity while the fault location passes the measuring plane. Lump detectors have either two (LUMP 2000 XY) or three (LUMP 2000 T) measuring planes. Each measuring plane is equipped with a light source and two receiving sensors (double sensor technology). The systems detect changes of light quantity and analyze them by means of differential measurement.

If, for example, a product runs through the LUMP 2000, it becomes larger at the lump location. Accordingly, the light quantity that lights the first sensor is reduced. At that moment, the second sensor measures the light quantity at the flawless product. The differential signal of both sensors initiates the lump signal.

Each surface fault can be found in a report that registers the product length at which the fault was detected. This report also contains information on the total fault number as well as the exact fault measurements.

Two-in-one: diameter measurement and lump detection

Product image - LASER Series 6000
LASER Series 6000

Furthermore, SIKORAs product portfolio includes two-in-one devices that measure the diameter and reliably detect lumps and neckdowns. With 5,000 measurements per second and an extremely high single value accuracy, the diameter measuring devices of the LASER Series 6000 also provide lump and neckdown detection on the product surface.

The combined LASER LUMP 2000 T systems are especially predestined for the final quality control of smaller product diameter, such as data and installation cables as well as automotive cables. The gauges measure continuously the diameter and ovality of cables in three planes. Furthermore, by means of 3 x 110,000 measurements per second and independent of the diameter measurement, lumps and neckdowns on the product surface are detected and length-relatedly recorded.