Save time, costs and resources with the SIKORA service

Many big players of the cable industry, especially car manufacturers, require periodic maintenances from their suppliers in order to guarantee the repeatability, linearity, stability and accuracy of measuring equipment according to the MSA procedure. As this can be very time-consuming and, due to downtimes, have negative impacts on the production, SIKORA offers a quick and uncomplicated measurement systems analysis and thus, saves time, costs and resources.

Due to the large amount of single measuring values, the measurement systems analysis is particularly suitable for determination of the accuracy, stability and repeatability of a measuring system. According to the requirements of MSA procedure 1 – maintenance of the measuring device without the operator’s influence – a calibrated sample or measurement standard is measured 50 times (at least 25 times). All single measurements are transmitted into a corresponding formula for the calculation of the aptitude scores Cg and Cgk.

SIKORA uses a procedure, in which our service technician realizes the required measurements in a fraction of the time and in which the data is automatically transferred to a special software for the calculation of the aptitude scores. In consequence, downtimes of the production line are massively reduced and the information value of the calculations increases. A further advantage of the measurement systems analysis by a SIKORA service technician: If the maintenance of a measuring device showed a wrong measuring result, a specialist would already be on-site in order to arrange the corresponding calibration.

Of course, SIKORA issues a detailed measuring report after the measurement systems analysis and thus, certifies the measuring capability of the device as well as its conformity to the market requirements.


Exact measurement systems analysis with SIKORA’s innovative method


Successful accomplishment of the measurement systems analysis is certified by SIKORA with a detailed report