Fast and reliably at your side

SIKORA’s precise measuring and control devices as well as reliable inspection, sorting and analysis systems are distinguished by a long lifetime. To ensure that after years of usage the devices are still as reliable as on the day of commissioning, SIKORA offers you a comprehensive service portfolio for supporting your devices.

On site support

Especially for large devices, whose shipping includes high expenses, or devices that are indispensable for the running production process, an on site servicing is advisable. This is performed by service engineers from SIKORA’s headquarters in Bremen, Germany, or from a service subsidiary on site at the customer’s plant. With the international service network, SIKORA globally ensures a fast and efficient service in the respective national language.

All SIKORA service engineers rely on years of experiences gained in production plants all over the world and use these to optimally meet your individual requirements.

If an on site servicing is not possible, SIKORA is pleased to provide a loan device to continuously ensure the product quality for the duration of the servicing.


Inhouse support

During an inhouse servicing, the devices are repaired at SIKORA’s headquarters in Bremen, Germany. By using their expert knowledge and the exchange with other departments, such as production, research & development or sales, SIKORA service engineers ensure the functionality of the devices. All components are exclusively replaced by SIKORA original spare parts.

After the successful device testing in the course of the servicing, all measuring devices are calibrated and receive a new calibration certificate.

No matter which servicing method you may choose – SIKORA is at your side.

Benefits inhouse support

  • Loan devices to bridge the time of servicing
  • Specialists from different departments on site
  • New calibration and calibration certificate in the course of servicing


Benefits on site support

  • Short response times
  • No transport costs for sending in the device
  • Worldwide availability due to the global service network
  • Support by highly qualified SIKORA service engineers