Focus on temperature

For many production processes, perfect temperature is of high importance. Therefore, SIKORA offers systems that provide a continuous, non-contact and precise temperature measurement.

Measurement of conductor temperature

Product image - PREHEATER 6000 TC

The PREHEATER 6000 TC is an innovative solution for precise conductor heating and therefore, the basis for a high-quality cable production. By means of a thermic image sensor within an infrared camera, temperatures of metallic and insulated conductors after the heating are continuously recorded and accordingly, the preheating power is automatically and continuously controlled. The device is installed directly before the extruder into the production line and compensates changing environment conditions as well as line speed changes. The result is a stable conductor temperature independent of the material. The SIKORA temperature measuring system integrated in the PREHEATER 6000 TC is also available as stand-alone system WIRE-TEMP 6000.

Perfect surface temperature


An overheating of plastics during the extrusion bears the risk of discoloration respectively scorches. Therefore, the measurement of surface temperature is essential. For this application field, the PLAST-TEMP 6000 is used. This system is also based on an infrared camera with a thermic image sensor and ensures precise measurements.

Temperature measurement of polyethylene melt in CV lines


With the ULTRATEMP 6000, SIKORA offers an ultrasound temperature measuring device for CV lines. Installed directly between extruder and spray head, it measures precisely and continuously the temperature of polyethylene melts. In addition to the temperature measurement, the ULTRATEMP 6000 detects inhomogeneities in the melt. A premature linkage after the screens, which may cause discolorations and scorches in the material, is avoided.