SIKORA continues its claim for Technology To Perfection: At the leading show for the wire and cable industry, ‘Wire’ 2016, the Bremen based company is presenting a full program of well proven and innovative non-contact measuring, control, inspection and sorting devices for quality assurance and cost reduction in the wire, cable, optical fiber and plastics industries.

Harry Prunk, Executive Board at SIKORA:

“I am looking forward to meeting and talking with customers, friends and interested show visitors while introducing our innovative technology. This is among others the PREHEATER 6000 TC, a temperature controlled conductor preheating device that assures an optimum adhesion of the PE or other plastics on the conductor. In this context we will also present the WIRE-TEMP 6000, a non-contact conductor temperature measurement system that is now also available for diameters up to 50mm and thus suitable for installation in CV-lines.

Another highlight will be the PURITY SCANNER for online inspection and sorting of plastic material that is used, for example, for the insulation of power cables. The system assures that only pure material is entering the extrusion process and the final product. Furthermore, the PURITY CONCEPT Systems celebrate their premiere at the ‘Wire’. With this technological innovation there are modular designed devices available for on- or offline inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes and tapes/films. The systems are based on X-ray, infrared or optical technologies depending on application.

In addition, visitors will get to know our sophisticated systems for quality assurance of optical fibers in the drawing tower. The product series is now complemented by a gauge head for measuring the fiber temperature as well as innovative equipment that gives information on the coating concentricity. Experience these and many other innovations from SIKORA. Come up to our booth for conversations, technical discussions and enjoy freshly prepared food and refreshments from our cocktail bar in the second floor.”

Selected technological highlights at the SIKORA booth:


  • Temperature controlled conductor preheater for optimal adhesion of the insulation


  • Non-contact temperature measurement of the conductor
  • New device WIRE-TEMP 6050: for conductor diameters up to 50mm


  • Inspection and sorting system for XLPE pellets
  • Dual inspection: X-ray and optical technologies for detection of metallic and organic contamination from 50 µm on the pellet surface and inside the pellet for highest material quality


  • Modular designed systems for on- or offline inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes and films/tapes
  • Based on X-ray, infrared or optical technologies
  • Detection of contamination from 50 µm

FIBER Series 6000

  • Diameter measurement before and after coating
  • Determination of the fiber position, vibration frequency, tension and spinning
  • Airline detection
  • 100% lump detection
  • Highlight: Temperature measurement of the optical fiber and concentricity evaluation of the coating