SIKORA, with its headquarters in Bremen, Germany, is a manufacturer and global supplier of innovative measuring, control, inspection and sorting technology for quality assurance in the wire, cable, optical fiber, hose and tube as well as plastics industries.
At the Wire in Düsseldorf, SIKORA will showcase its non-contact diameter measuring devices LASER Series 2000/6000 and X-RAY 6000 systems for various applications, such as the measurement of the diameter, wall thickness, eccentricity and ovality of cables. SIKORA’s product range also includes spark tester for the detection of insulation faults, lump detectors for the detection of faults on the product surface, capacity measuring systems and devices for conductor preheating as well as temperature measurement and control. In addition, SIKORA presents the innovative PURITY SCANNER, a system for online inspection and sorting of plastic pellets and the PURITY CONCEPT Systems that are used for offline inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes and films/tapes. Users of SIKORA technology benefit from process optimization, increased quality and cost saving.

The conductor preheating system PREHEATER 6000 TC

Technological highlights at the SIKORA booth:


  • Non-contact conductor temperature measurement


  • Non-contact 8-point eccentricity, 4-axis diameter and 8-point ovality measurements
  • Suitable for the production of coax cables, LAN cables as well as automotive and installation cables
  • Scatter plot shows distribution of short-term variations

LASER Series 2000/6000

  • Efficient and high-end diameter measuring devices
  • LASER Series 6000 with up to 5,000 measurements per second and integrated lump detection
  • Extremely high single value precision

LUMP 2000

  • Detection of lumps and neckdowns on the cable surface


  • High-frequency high-voltage spark tester for the detection of pin holes and bare patches in the insulation of cables
  • Integrated 3-step self-test and calibration system with exchangeable module


The high-voltage spark tester SPARK 6000

X-RAY 8000 NXT and X-RAY 6000/X-RAY 6000 PRO

  • X-ray based eccentricity, wall thickness, diameter and ovality measuring systems
    • X-RAY 8000 NXT for CV-lines, VCV-lines and MDCV-lines
    • X-RAY 6000/X-RAY 6000 PRO for jacketing lines (measurement of foaming and wall thickness of RF cables)


The X-RAY 6000 measures the diameter, wall thickness and eccentricity of cables


  • Inspection and sorting system for XLPE pellets
  • Dual inspection: X-ray and optical for detection of metallic and organic contamination from 50 µm on the pellet surface and inside the pellet

FIBER Series 6000

  • Diameter measurement before and after coating
  • Determination of the fiber position, vibration frequency, tension and spinning
  • Airline detection
  • 100 % lump detection
  • Temperature measurement and Coating Concentricity evaluation
  • Processor system for visualization and control of the drawing process