Successful without breakdown

A flawless insulation is a prerequisite to ensure the highest quality, comprehensive functions and safety of cables. During cable extrusion, the insulation is continuously monitored by spark testers. Insulation errors are reliably detected so that only faultless cables are delivered. Therefore, breakdown testing devices are indispensable elements of quality control and process optimization in extrusion lines.

SIKORA’s product portfolio includes high-voltage testing devices with diverse testing frequencies, direct and alternating voltages that are adjusted to different cable types. For example, DC voltage spark tester SPARK 6020 DC and SPARK 2020 DC are used to check phone lines, data cables and mini coax cables with foam insulation. The SPARK 6030 HF is a high-frequency, high-voltage testing device for high speed production lines for installation, automotive and signal cables. The AC voltage spark tester SPARK 2000 BS is predestined for energy cables that are produced with a slower line speed and larger diameter. According to cables type and test specification the proper high-voltage testing device is chosen. All SIKORA spark tester meet all renowned test specifications (AS, BS, CS, CENELEC, EN, UL, VDE) and security regulations (according to DIN/VDE 0800, IEC 479-1).

Indispensible – SIKORA spark tester for optimal quality control

Using spark tester

For the insulation check, the dry cable runs through the bead chain electrode of the spark tester, which usually is installed after the cooling line or rewinding station. Thereby, the cable insulation is exposed to the chosen test voltage. For each fault in the insulation, a breakdown is identified and documented.

Function and safety test

According to European standards, openly operated measuring and testing equipment has to be checked regularly. A special feature of the SIKORA SPARK 6000 devices is the optionally integrated 3 step function and safety test. Spark tester are tested by checking the high-voltage, touch current and function (sensitivity). While cable manufacturer had to use an external testing device, the SPARK 6000 comes with a complete 3 step self-test and calibration system (optinal). The test is documented, saved in a logfile and is available at any time.