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Measurement of diameter, ovality, wall thickness and concentricity

X-RAY 6000 PURE for single layer pipes and hoses

For over 20 years, SIKORA has been internationally known for its reliable and safe X-ray measuring systems. For single-layer applications, we have developed the X-RAY 6000 PURE. The new X-RAY 6070 PURE and X-RAY 6120 PURE models are available on the market, for measuring tubes and hoses from 6 to 65 mm and 10 to 110 mm, respectively.

In addition to single-layer tubes and hoses, the total wall thickness of many multi-layer products can also be measured. In combination with the exclusive ECOCONTROL PURE, a processor system with a high-resolution 15“ touchscreen display, the measured values are clearly displayed for further analysis.

X-RAY 6000 PRO for multi-layer products

The X-RAY 6000 PRO is the "advanced" version of the X-RAY 6000 and measures the wall thickness, the concentricity, the diameter and ovality of up to 3 different material layers. The system includes as a standard the display and control device ECOCONTROL 6000 with a vertical arranged 22“ TFT monitor. Directly during the online measurement the measuring values of both measuring axes and the regarding, calculated wall thickness values, which are offset by 45 °, are visualized. For the operator, the graphical display of the 8 values on the circumference is perfect. He sees how an adjustment of the injection tools affects the centricity.

The ECOCONTROL 6000 is operated comfortably via a touch screen and shows all measuring values numerically and graphically as well as trend and statistic data. A line representation with pictograms of the connected devices provides a clear overview.


By combining a newly developed software, based on artificial intelligence, with an X-ray based system, SIKORA has developed a reliable solution for measuring the layer transitions of corrugated tubes: the X-RAY 6000 PRO C-PIPEAI. This enables a precise evaluation of the X-ray data of corrugated tubes. This continuous quality control also enables reliable process control during production.

Your Benefits

  • Measurement of the wall thickness, the concentricity, the diameter and the ovality of up to 3 different material layers
  • Option to measure the outer contour of corrugated pipes (X-RAY 6000 PRO C-PIPEAI)
  • Automatic control of line speed or extruder rpm under consideration of the minimum values (in combination with the processor system of the ECOCONTROL Series)
  • One-button operation: no material parameters required
  • Selectable measuring rate from 1 to 3 Hz (optionally 10/25 Hz)
  • No calibration