Quick and easy sampling with the PURITY CONCEPT Systems

The plastics industry is characterized by the highest quality requirements for the material and the products. Plastics manufacturers and processors therefore inspect individual batches or entire product lines for optical and/or functional defects, depending on the polymer’s area of application. In this context, sample testings are gaining more and more importance.

Depending on the application, SIKORA’s PURITY CONCEPT Systems can be used for process control, offline sample analysis or incoming goods inspection. The material to be inspected is distributed on a sample tray and moved through the inspection area. There it is inspected within seconds by means of a color camera (PURITY CONCEPT V) or X-ray camera (PURITY CONCEPT X).

With the integrated analysis software, contamination from a size of 50 µm (2 mil) are automatically detected, visualized and evaluated. A projector is used to color-mark contaminated material on the sample tray and also highlight it in the camera image. A clear assignment of the contamination is possible at any time and facilitates the removal, for example for further examinations in the laboratory. The software also includes an image gallery of detected contamination as well as extensive statistics and report functions. In addition to individual tests, series tests can also be carried out and are included in an overall evaluation.

PURITY CONCEPT Systems also provide a test certificate with all information on the quality of the tested material and a summary of the test results. They thus create the prerequisite for material release and delivery to the customer. Therefore, the systems significantly contribute to quality control and process optimization.



Inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes, test plates Inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes, test plates
Color camera X-ray technology
Black specks, white spots, color contamination and discoloration on the surface of colored and translucent material and within transparent material Metallic impurities on the surface and in the material
Black speck Color contamination White spot
Discoloration (yellowish/bluish) Discoloration (greying)
Granulate Films
Visually flawless products without visual defects
Functionally flawless end products (e.g. metal-free cable insulation)