Measurement of the temperature of cables, wires, glass fibers, pipes and hoses as well as PE melts during ongoing extrusion

In the manufacturing processes of nearly all industries, temperature measurement is of enormous importance. From power generation to the consumer, from glass manufacturing to fiber optics, from raw material production to extrusion.

Many steps in reaction processes and manufacturing processes require the measurement, control and documentation of temperature as a parameter of quality control and quality assurance, for example:

  • during transfer to further processing
  • in the avoidance of burnt or discolored material
  • in ensuring optimum adhesion
  • for achieving optimum viscosity in the extrusion process

Methods of temperature measurement

A distinction can be made between contact and non-contact methods.

The measurement with contact temperature sensors (thermometers) or electronic temperature sensors and thermocouples evaluates the changes of the measuring instrument on contact with the measured object. It offers only a sufficient accuracy of measurement, because it is influenced by the contact as well as by different environmental conditions.

A non-contact measurement is based on the contactless detection of the thermal radiation of the object without affecting the temperature of the object during the measurement. Here, pyrometers and thermal imaging cameras are mostly used to compare the intensities of the thermal radiation.

SIKORA offers systems in this field, which enable a continuous, non-contact and therefore precise temperature measurement. This is especially crucial for the measurement of moving objects in the running process.

Measurement of the conductor temperature

Product image - PREHEATER 6000 TC

The PREHEATER 6000 TC is an innovative solution for precise preheating of the conductor and thus the basis for high-quality cable production.

By means of a thermal image sensor in an infrared camera, the temperature of metallic conductors is continuously detected after they have been heated, and the power of the preheater is automatically and continuously controlled.

The device is integrated into the production line directly upstream of the extruder and compensates for changing ambient conditions and changes in line speeds. The result is a stable conductor temperature, independent of the material.

Line image Drawing Tower FIBER Series 6000
Draw tower for optical fibers

Fiber optic temperature measurement

Glass fibers are drawn from a preform in a drawing tower, cooled in the further course with helium gas and finally insulated with a sheath of acrylic layers.

Before the acrylic layers are applied to the hot fiber during coating, it is important to measure the temperature of the glass fiber accurately. To ensure optimum adhesion of the coating to the fiber, it should be at a constant temperature.

In addition, the glass fiber must not be too hot when it exits the preform, so that only the smallest possible amount of helium gas is used for cooling. For optimum glass fiber temperature and highest process stability during the entire drawing process, the temperature at both the hot and the cold end should therefore be measured with a FIBER TEMP 6003.


Temperature measurement of polyethylene melts in CV lines

SIKORA offers with the ULTRATEMP 6000 an ultrasonic temperature measuring device for CV lines. Directly between the extruder and the die head it precisely and continuously measures the temperature of polyethylene melts.

In addition to temperature measurement, the ULTRATEMP 6000 detects inhomogeneities in the melt. Premature cross-linking after the sieves, which can lead to discoloration and scorches (burns) in the material, is thus avoided.

Advantages of industrial temperature measurement with SIKORA

The non-contact, continuous measurement of temperature is essential in many applications. SIKORA offers a wide range of measuring devices as individual solutions for every production line. Whether drawing tower, data cable or pipe extrusion – benefit from the following advantages:

  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Easy to use, no calibration
  • Temperature display and operation directly on the device, integrated in the line control or alternatively on a display device of the ECOCONTROL series
  • Wear-free
  • Easy to integrate into existing production lines