Precise measuring values from the beginning

With SIKORA‘s measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting devices, customers receive precise values and therefore, more efficient production processes as well as reduced costs. In order to assure that the systems provide exact measurements from the beginning and are optimally integrated into the line, SIKORA offers installation and commissioning by experienced service engineers.

Whether for new or existing customers – professional installation and commissioning by a SIKORA service engineer entails many advantages. Thanks to the skilled installation, a fast availability of the devices is ensured. Furthermore, correct parameter settings provide optimal use of equipment and therefore, precise measuring data. In addition, the related instruction of the line operator prevents downtimes by operating errors and guarantees optimal usage of all available functions.


  • Fast availability of the systems
  • Optimal device usage and precise measuring values
  • Instruction of line operator by an experienced SIKORA service engineer for optimal operation and long-term use


Typical process of commissioning

  • Verification of mechanical installation tasks that have been made by the customer in advance
  • Testing of the wiring, water supply, and other necessary requirements
  • Check of all electronic components
  • Setting of parameters in the software
  • Test run under production conditions
  • Employee training at the device