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What to do against rising plastic prices: material savings in the mid 6-digit euro range

Rising plastic prices confront the industry with enormous challenges. Manufacturers and processors for all types of plastics are equally affected. There is no end in sight to the price increases. Thus, new solutions for savings have to be found. In extrusion, costs can be specifically compensated by using sustainable measuring technology as an example calculation shows.

SIKORA is one of Germany’s innovation leaders 2022

SIKORA AG was awarded as “Germany’s innovation leader 2022” by the F.A.Z.-Institut. The worldwide patent applications of companies operating in Germany were analyzed for the study. As a leading company for measuring and control technology, SIKORA is among the winners of the study.


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Technology faster than ever before: SIKORA’s FIBER TENSION 6003

The fast, lossless transmission of data over long distances using optical fiber cables is essential for our increasingly digital and networked societies. In order to ensure an optimum optical fiber quality, a variety of measurement and control technologies are already used in the drawing process. A decisive influencing factor for the fiber quality is the tension.


Efficient quality control at the end of the CV line

Many submarine cable manufacturers, such as the Chinese company Ningbo Orient, rely on X-ray devices from SIKORA for quality control in CV lines. In addition, producers of power cables benefit from the final quality control as it ensures the highest quality of the cables delivered to their customers.

“We use SIKORA measuring devices to control diameter, wall thickness and centricity”

HEW-Kabel GmbH uses the CENTERVIEW 8000 from SIKORA for quality control of special cables

HEW-Kabel GmbH is an international special cable manufacturer for industrial and automotive applications. The company, located in Wipperfürth/North Pure Westphalia, Germany, uses the CENTERVIEW 8000 from SIKORA for the measurement of diameter, wall thickness and centricity of special cables during extrusion. The cooperation of the two companies is based on the continuous development of innovative technologies to ensure highest cable quality.

Well-known Chinese cable manufacturer uses SIKORA’s PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED to ensure the highest purity of XLPE pellets

A large and very successful Chinese manufacturer and global supplier of XLPE HV and EHV power cables, has been using the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED from SIKORA for quality assurance of high voltage cables in their production lines, since 2017. The Chinese company has been ranking among the top 10 competitive enterprises in the cable industry for many years.

Furukawa Electric LatAm S.A. uses SIKORA’s CENTERVIEW 8000 for network cable production

Furukawa Electric LatAm S.A. is a specialist for network cables for various applications and one of the largest manufacturers of structured cabling in Latin America. For online quality control, the headquarters located in Curitiba, Brazil, has been using SIKORA’s CENTERVIEW 8000 since 2008, a non-contact measuring system and continuous online measurement of LAN cable.

SVAROG uses SIKORA measuring device for rubber high pressure hose extrusion in Russia

X-ray based X-RAY 6000 PRO precisely measures the wall thickness
SVAROG, located in Novokuznetsk in Siberia, Russia, is a specialist in the production of rubber high pressure hoses. Since July 2021 the manufacturer has been using the X-ray based X-RAY 6000 PRO from SIKORA for the measurement of the wall thickness, eccentricity and diameter of high pressure rubber hoses during the extrusion process. It is the first device of that kind that has been installed in a rubber high pressure hose production line in Russia. The cooperation between the two companies is based on the demand for precise measurement and automatic inline control to ensure the highest hose quality and optimal processes.