Save time and money

SIKORA measuring and control systems are characterized by their long service life. To ensure that your device still works as reliably as when it was commissioned, our SIKORA Service has increased its options for device maintenance. From now on, fixed price repair offers are available for several devices.

What that means for you

Even the most reliable systems will be repaired at some point to ensure precise and lasting measurement. It is important that it is quickly operational again. With our SIKORA fixed price repairs, you receive the quote immediately following your inquiry – without any additional wait time. Further costs, for example, a second cost estimate or subsequent costs for the repair, are eliminated with this service offer. In addition, the turnaround time for your equipment is considerably reduced. We guarantee your production will run smoothly again quickly.

  • Planning reliability
  • Shortened lead time
  • Cost efficiency
  • Cost transparency


Which product groups are eligible for these service packages?

SIKORA fixed price repair is available for selected products of the following device series:

LASER Series
LASER 2010 XY/T, LASER 2025 XY/T, LASER 2030 XY, LASER 2050 XY, LASER 2100 XY, LASER 2200 XY, LASER 6020 XY, LASER 6040 XY

LUMP Series
LUMP 2010 XY/T, LUMP 2025 XY, LUMP 2035 T

FIBER Series

SPARK Series
SPARK 2030 UL, SPARK 6030 HF


Here’s how the process works:

  1. Registration
    You report the device error to the SIKORA Service Support.
  2. Offer
    Our Support team will check whether your device is suitable for a fixed price repair and issue you an RMA receipt.
  3. Sending in
    You send us your defective device with the RMA receipt.
  4. Repair
    The device is repaired by a SIKORA Service Technician.
  5. Return
    You get your working device back.


Make your device fit for the future!

Have your SIKORA device checked and contact us today at +49 421 48900 50 or at to request your fixed price rate quote. For further questions, please contact our SIKORA Service.