Inspection, sorting and analysis of raw material and compounds

When it comes to the detection of contamination in plastic materials, systems for material inspection from SIKORA are the right choice. Contamination in virgin plastics, such as pellets, but also in recyclates, like flakes and other re-granulates and regenerates, can be detected, analysed and sorted out with X-ray cameras and optical cameras.

Furthermore, not only the inspection of pellets but also of already processed products, such as films, extrusion and injection molded parts, impose high standards on the interaction of applied technologies that have been used at SIKORA for more than 40 years..

For sophisticate application areas, material inspection is essential for the quality of the end product. The adherence to increasing requirements on safety, stability, break resistance, durability, appearance and many other factors depends strongly on the starting material.

  • Film extrusion
  • Medical technology
  • Semiconductor production
  • Aviation and automobile industries
  • Injection molding of plastic parts with precision tools
  • Production of medium, high and extra-high voltage cables

Thus, the purity of plastic material is of highest priority for manufacturers of polymers and processors of compounds and masterbatches.  The use of efficient system solutions for the inspection of polymers, like polyethylene and cross-linked polyethylene, polypropylene, fluoropolymers and a number of further materials (e.g. XLPE, PE, PP, TPU, PBT, FEP, PTFE, PVDF), is therefore essential.

Online material inspection and sorting of plastic material

Product image - PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED insight feeding system

With the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED, SIKORA sets new standards in the area of online inspection and sorting of plastic material. The system combines an X-ray and up to four optical cameras and, therefore, guarantees purity inspection of 100 % of the material during the running production process.

The X-ray camera detects, among others, metallic contamination inside of the pellet or re-granulate. The optical cameras detect discoloration, burns as well as “black specks” in transparent material, on the surface of translucent plastic or on nontransparent materials. Color deviations are detected by color cameras. Contaminated pellets are sorted out automatically.

Powerful processor systems from SIKORA ensure a complete logging, comprehensive statistic, highest reproducibility and clear visualization.

Offline material inspection and analysis of plastic material

With the PURITY CONCEPT Systems, SIKORA‘s portfolio also comprises devices for automatic offline inspection and analysis of plastic material, films, extrusion and injection molded parts which are used for sampling inspection or incoming goods inspection.

The material sample, placed on a sample tray, is moved through the inspection area Within a few seconds, the sample is automatically inspected and contaminated material is highlighted directly on the sample tray by a projector. Images of the contaminated pellets are shown on a monitor, automatically evaluated and reproducibly cataloged.

PURITY CONCEPT V and PURITY CONCEPT X for offline inspection, analysis and sorting

The systems are based on either X-ray technology (PURITY CONCEPT X) that detects contamination inside of the pellet, or an optical camera (PURITY CONCEPT V) for the detection of impurities on the surface of transparent, translucent and colored material. The contaminants are defined regarding their size and clearly categorized, so that a follow-up control of the plastic is possible at any time.

The PURITY CONCEPT Systems inspect, detect and analyse automatically. Therefore, they are more precise, reproducible and reliable than human, eye and manual light table. They contribute substantially to an automated quality control, simple material inspection and significant process optimization.

Combination of automized sorting and sampling inspection


PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED and PURITY CONCEPT Systems complement each other perfectly for a comprehensive inspection and analysis of plastic pellets. After the online for a comprehensive inspection and analysis of plastic pellets. After the online detection and automatic sorting of contamination with a PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED, contaminated plastic pellets as well as the optically sorted good fraction can be analyzed offline with one of the PURITY CONCEPT systems (laboratory sample inspection). This perfect interaction of online and offline inspection, sorting and analysis allows for an extensive inspection of the material purity and provides information on the avoidance of future contamination.

Benefits of material inspection with SIKORA

  • Guarantee on material quality
  • Processing of faulty charges
  • Processing of regenerates and re-granulates
  • Process optimization and competitive advantages
  • Avoidance of reclamations and claims for compensation