SIKORA measuring systems always in top form

Regular maintenance and calibration according to ISO 9001 ensure reliable measurements for many years and a high availability of the devices of up to 99.98 %. Functional testing, replacement of wear parts, calibration with certified calibration equipment, testing of operation safety and many further services are included in our carefree maintenance packages for one, three or five years.


To guarantee the availability for many years, a regular professional maintenance of the devices by an experienced service engineer is indispensable. In addition to the functional testing and basic cleaning, especially the testing of operation safety is essential to permanently safe man and machine.

At on site calibrations at customer plants, the installation of devices into the line is reviewed. Therefore, customers can be assured that their SIKORA devices are always optimally integrated into the production and provide the best measuring results.

In the course of the maintenance, the SIKORA service engineer offers an operator training, for example, for new line operator and informs about all performed tasks during the follow-up discussion.


For the required monitoring of measuring devices according to ISO 9001, SIKORA offers a calibration service. By means of this calibration, the measuring accuracy of the devices is controlled and documented.

Especially beneficial is the fact that the customer does not need his own calibration equipment, and therefore, no personnel deployment of the customer is necessary. SIKORA service engineers prepare their visit at a customer plant in detail and have all necessary tools as well as calibrated calibration standards.

The successful maintenance and calibration are certified by SIKORA with a calibration certificate as well as a calibration plaque. Furthermore, customers receive the SIKORA calibration statement, which explains the international standards that are the basis for the calibration.

Benefits of the maintenance and calibration service

  • Functional testing and basic cleaning
  • Testing of operational safety
  • Installation check*
  • Calibration with certified calibration equipment according to the standards of DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Employee training*
  • Device-specific maintenance and follow-up maintenance dialog
  • Calibration certificate/statement

*Only for on site calibration

SIKORA calibration statement

All calibrations are performed according to specifications of DIN EN ISO 9001.

The issued calibration certificate documents the tracing back to national measurement standards in order to demonstrate the measurements units in accordance to the International Systems of Units (SI).

The data given in the calibration certificate fulfills the requirements of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Besides that, a clear statement about the status of the device is given as well as the information, if the device operates according to device specifications.

Inhouse calibration

The calibration of devices is usually done directly at a customer‘s plant by a SIKORA service engineer.

Upon customer request, the devices can also be sent to SIKORA‘s headquarters in Bremen, Germany, for maintenance or calibration, or to one of the global service subsidiaries that is equipped for the task (Inhouse calibration service). For this time, SIKORA is pleased to offer a loan device to continuously ensure the product quality.

SIKORA service programs

According to ISO 9001 standards, measuring and testing equipment have to be checked and calibrated regularly.


SIKORA supports

SIKORA offers individual adjusted service programs for one, three or five years. These include the organization of regular maintenance and calibration appointments, information on the professional handling of the devices, always up-to-date calibration equipment as well as the exchange of wear parts with state-of-the-art spare parts.


Transfer your responsibility

Rest assured that your SIKORA measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting systems are always maintained and calibrated according to the ISO standards. Transfer your responsibility for the services defined in the service program to SIKORA – your reliable partner for all your production needs.


Advantages of SIKORA service programs

  • Your employees keep your machines running, SIKORA takes care of the measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting systems
  • No purchase and no maintenance of your own calibration equipment
  • Decrease of inventory level for spare parts
  • Production without interruption as the devices remain in your production line
  • Regular maintenance of the devices
  • No engagement of your own employees