Pursueing a strategy together

In August 2019, all SIKORA assistants and office managers of the 14 international SIKORA offices met at the headquarters in Bremen to discuss, learn and experience global processes, a consistent information status and new tools. The project had been a full success and will surely not be the last meeting of its kind.

SIKORA has a long tradition of close cooperation and exchange. The yearly sales and service meetings where employees from all offices travel to Bremen, in order to enquire about latest innovations and systems, are only one example for an intensive integration of all colleagues in daily work routine.

For the last years, SIKORA’s strategy has been aimed at growth and expansion of the international support network for customers. Thus, amongst others, two new offices were built in Mexico and Malaysia and the number of employees worldwide has increased to around 300. Therefore, it is natural that processes and workflows also increase.

This year, due to the growth, all assistants from the offices and office managers came together for the first time. In a one-week workshop, topics were discussed, contacts were made and knowledge was deepened.

At the end of the week, all participants agreed that the event had been a full success. True to the motto “I AM SIKORA”, the cohesion and sense of belonging of the participants were strengthened. For customers, this means: No matter where you produce and no matter which SIKORA office you might contact, you will always receive the best consultation and a strong team will stand at your side.