Three innovative models with 5 extended benefits for product diameters from 0.1 to 51 mm (.0039 to 2.0079”)

1. Accurate and repeatable measured values

The diffraction analysis in combination with pulse-controlled laser diodes results in an impressive 500,000 measuring points per second per measuring axis in the entire measuring field.This results in 5,000 accurately measured values per second per measuring axis. This ensures that the values supplied are both accurate and repeatable.

2. Precise measured values despite vibrations

Thanks to the extremely short exposure time of less than 1/1,000,000 seconds, the individual precisely measured values per second per axis are captured with maximum image sharpness. This ensures absolute measuring accuracy, even at high line speeds with product vibrations. Each individually measured value achieves an extraordinarily high single value accuracy.

3. Robust technology and high availability

The non-contact measuring technology of the LASER PRO works entirely without moving parts and is therefore maintenance and wear-free. A single calibration before delivery is sufficient to guarantee precision for the lifetime of the device. The availability of the laser measuring heads is 99.8 %.

4. FFT analysis for detecting irregularities during extrusion

The LASER PRO offers the option of FFT analysis to detect periodically recurring variations in cable parameters as well as predict the expected return loss (SRL). These are important tools for producing high-quality cables and detecting irregularities during cable extrusion.

5. Slim design with swivel concept

The measuring heads of the LASER PRO family provide the ultimate functionality with their compact and slim design. The optical components are located in protected areas. The diffraction analysis detects unavoidable, gradually occurring contamination in real time and reports it. All models are designed to be open at the bottom so that neither water nor dirt can fall into the measuring head. The swiveling measuring head concept allows the device to be swiveled out of the working area if required.