Exceptionally accurate and non-contact length measurement – permanent and reliable

The LM SMART stands for smart length measurement with extraordinary accuracy of 0.05 %. Compared to conventional contact-based solutions, there is no slippage or wear. Once the device has been configured, no further calibration is required. The LM SMART measures accurately and reliably over time.

Benefit from the exact length

Length measuring devices are used to ensure that the required wire or cable length is accurate. Short or excess length leads to yield losses. If the production length is reduced by just 0.1 %, the LM SMART length measuring device pays for itself in just a few months.

Function: so simple and smart

The LM SMART is based on the market-proven laser doppler measuring method and therefore functions largely independent of the color, surface quality and diameter of the product. Two laser beams are used to direct light onto the passing product surface. The beams overlap and create a stripe pattern on the object, from which the speed and thus the product length traveled over time is precisely determined.


Your personal benefit

The LM SMART offers precise length measurement and ensures that the required product length is maintained. Thanks to its very compact design, this device can be easily integrated into existing lines. No slippage, no maintenance and only a single calibration. This impressive system ensures smooth, continuous measurement independent of the material, which allows for use on many different products. The long service life also ensures maximum availability of the LM SMART.

Typical Features of the LM SMART

  • Laser protection class 3B (laser class 1 optional)
  • Comfort stand (optional) for easy set-up and adjustment
  • ECOCONTROL display unit (optional) provides a clear display of the produced length and line speed
  • Direction recognition via system signal