SIKORA’s PLANOWAVE 6000 measures online thickness of plastic sheets
The PLANOWAVE 6000 is a non-contact measuring system that is used for the non-destructive measurement of the thickness during the extrusion of plastic sheets. The system is designed for the measurement of all plastic materials, such as PE, HDPE, PP, PA6, PVC etc.

Innovative millimeter wave technology offers a precise measurement of the thickness without any coupling mediums and independent of material and temperature of the plastic sheet. Calibration is not necessary.

The PLANOWAVE 6000 can either be integrated into the production line directly or used for the final inspection. The sheet is measured via millimeter waves based on the FMCW* runtime method. A linear moving transceiver continuously sends and receives frequency modulated millimeter waves. The thickness of the sheet is defined by the runtime difference.

Visualization of the measuring values is made in real time. The processor system ECOCONTROL offers a numeric display of the measuring values as well as a graphic display and comprehensive trend and statistical data.

The PLANOWAVE 6000 contributes to the reproducibility of processes as well as the highest quality and productivity during the sheet extrusion.
*Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar