Bremen. At wire 2020 in Düsseldorf, from March 30 to April 3, 2020, SIKORA presents a broad portfolio of future-oriented measuring and control systems for an efficient and sustainable quality control for the wire and cable, optical fiber and plastics industries.

Numerous intelligent technologies, for example, for online measurement of wall thickness, eccentricity and the diameter of cables, confirm SIKORA’s claim to develop and provide innovative and sustainable measuring solutions for the global cable market. “Quality and sustainability are core elements of our business strategy and decisive for the business success of our customers,” explains Harry Prunk, member of the executive board of SIKORA AG. “For almost five decades, our measuring systems have contributed to quality control and a simultaneous reduction of plastic material during cable production. This saves costs and automatically preserves resources,” Prunk further says.

At wire, visitors can find out more about the performance of the measuring devices during extensive product demonstrations. One highlight is the X-ray measuring system X-RAY 6000 PRO that is used for the measurement of wall thickness, eccentricity, the diameter and ovality of cables with up to three different material layers, for example in insulating and jacketing lines. As a pioneer in X-ray measuring technology for cable extrusion, SIKORA has been setting trends for 30 years. The combination of the X-RAY 6000 PRO with the processor system ECOCONTROL 6000 allows for an automatic control of the wall thickness. By reducing the wall thickness by, for instance, 5%, not only raw material consumption is reduced, but there are also plastic material savings in the six-figure range achieved.


The quality of a cable starts with the pureness of the plastic pellets. Thus, SIKORA also offers online and offline inspection, sorting and analysis systems for plastic pellets. Visitors can bring their plastic pellets, which will be inspected and analyzed by the laboratory testing device PURITY CONCEPT V live on site. By using inspection and sorting systems, contamination can be excluded, breakdowns eliminated and material costs saved. Besides economic advantages, the environment can be preserved at the same time due to less waste.


PURITY CONCEPT Systems header


With the premiere of the FIBER TENSION 6003, SIKORA widens its product family for quality control of optical fibers. The gauge head offers an extremely fast, reliable and precise tension measurement and control. Due to the high measuring rate of up to 10 kHz and the application of the birefringence principle, the stand-alone gauge head is particularly attractive for manufacturers of high-end solutions. The FIBER TENSION 6003 is predestined for optical fibers that are further processed into premium optical fiber cables. The FIBER TENSION 6003 can be used for hot as well as cold measurement of the bare fiber.


Turning ideas into innovations and product developments that achieve the highest quality, sustainability and cost effectiveness in the wire and cable as well as plastic industry is SIKORA’s claim. The company emphasizes this at wire with the “Solution Corner”. Customers are invited to personally discuss with SIKORA experts their ideas, visions and technical requirements on the systems for quality control for the future of measuring technology in a creative atmosphere. SIKORA’s presence at the wire 2020 promises pure quality, innovation and sustainability.