Faster measurement and efficient control in CV lines

With the X-RAY 8000 ADVANCED, SIKORA introduces a system with state-of-the-art High Speed Technology (HST) that is tailored to the requirements of Industry 4.0. It represents an advanced alternative to the successful and established X-RAY 8000 NXT. The system – equipped with 16 measuring sensors – measures the diameter, wall thickness and eccentricity of MV, HV and EHV cables in CV lines by a factor of up to 10 faster than the X-RAY 8000 NXT, and thus, is predestined for an efficient control.

Excellent are the advantages resulting from the centering as each change of the centering screws is immediately registered and visualized. The four times greater number of measuring points, compared to the NXT system, simultaneously leads to a measurement almost without delay and an immediate control. Both factors optimize the process and ensure the highest quality of the cables, at maximum material and cost savings.

The High Speed Technology (HST) is the latest innovation from SIKORA. The focus is on efficiency enhancement due to a fast centering and an automatic control of the product parameters. The basis for this are quick and reliable measuring values with the HST. For a fast update of the scan data, the system optimizes the scanning time by automatically adapting the scan path to the cable diameter. Thus, the X-RAY 8000 ADVANCED significantly contributes to quality assurance and process optimization in CV lines.