SIKORA service competence in your hand

Fast, competent and reliable support for our customers all over the world – SIKORA meets these requirements with the Smart Assistance Manager (SAM). For our customers, this means a significantly more efficient support and therefore, optimized service processes.

The device for professional service SIKORA’s Smart Assistance Manager is a 13.3” tablet, optimized for the rough industrial environment. With the Smart Assistance Manager, you are able to establish a direct connection with a SIKORA support engineer to receive instructions for all maintenance, support and diagnosis tasks via the integrated video chat feature (5 MP camera). SIKORA’s support engineer uses the SAM for a direct connection to your SIKORA device to receive an immediate diagnosis in real-time or to upload software updates.

The assignment of the Smart Assistance Manager already starts with the installation of the measuring device. With the SAM, you can show us the environmental conditions as well as the line layout. The SIKORA support is happy to assist you, starting with information on the best possible positioning of the equipment.

Due to diverse connection possibilities, such as USB 3.0, RJ 45 Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0 and the LTE/UMTS module, as well as various application possibilities, the Smart Assistance Manager is an important tool for modern production lines, for example to support maintenance and diagnosis tasks, as well as every Smart Factory in the era of Industry 4.0.

Our individually designed license module always guarantees the most current version of the SIKORA diagnosis software for a live session for fault detection or as an offline diagnosis system for all SIKORA measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting systems.