Customized maintenance trainings of pellet sorter

A strong understanding of handling and functions is the best prerequisite to reach best possible performances of a device. In this respect, SIKORA offers operator and maintenance trainings for all measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting systems. Especially interesting are customized trainings for the PURITY SCANNER and PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED.

PURITY SCANNER as well as PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED are sophisticated systems whose performance is not least a matter of correct handling as well as the understanding of all components. Accordingly important is best instructed technical staff for taking care of operating and maintaining the inspection and sorting systems.


What is more, while maintaining, cleaning and exchanging wear parts expertise is not only the guarantee for optimal performance, but also for short downtimes.*
A further advantage: SIKORA offers no standard training. Our experts prepare individual trainings for each customer that are tailored to the specific requirements. Whether operators, maintenance crew or process engineers – the customer specifies the focus of the training and receives matching training contents and documents.

Interested? Directly contact the SIKORA service at phone: +49 421 48900 50 or email: and arrange your individual training today.

*Maintenance program