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Press Releases


Tension measurement faster than ever before: Advanced stand-alone gauge head for quality control of optical fibers

The fast, lossless transfer of data over long distances via optical fiber cables is essential for our increasingly digital and connected society. The future demand for optical fiber cables is further growing due to the global establishment and expansion of 5G wireless standards, increasing intra-data traffic within data centers as well as data traffic between different data centers.

Inspection and sorting of plastic pellets as a guarantee for visually and functionally perfect products

Black specks and color deviations often lead to increased scrap rates in the production of plastic injection molded parts, but also in the manufacture of profiles, cables and pipes. The same applies to metal inclusions in the pellets, which leave traces in the end product and the processing machines and cause costs. As far as black specks are concerned, this type of material contamination is often caused by thermal overload, while metallic impurities are mostly due to damage and wear of screw, barrel and pelletizing unit during the compounding process.

“Когда мы производим превосходные трубы, наши клиенты довольны, и мы тоже довольны”

Компания “Gerodur” использует встроенную технологию миллиметровых волн компании “SIKORA” для измерения пластиковых труб. Компания Gerodur MPM Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH & Co KG, дочерняя компания компании HakaGerodur AG (Госсау, Швейцария), специализируется на …