Optical offline inspection system detects color deviations of plastic granulate

The PURITY CONCEPT V automatically inspects small amounts of pellets, reliably detects contamination such as black specks and is therefore used for quality assurance in incoming goods inspection, production control and follow-up inspection. Due to a color camera, color deviations of the pellets are detected by the PURITY CONCEPT V as well.

Bld 1: Darstellung des aufgenommenen Probenmaterials mit markierten farblichen Abweichungen

For sample inspection with the PURITY CONCEPT V, up to 100 g of pellets are being moved through the inspection area. Within seconds, a camera inspects the material, contaminated pellets are detected and analyzed. The detected contamination is highlighted in color on the monitor image as well as on the sample tray.

Bild 2: Verteilung der erkannten farblichen Abweichungen und farbliche Zuordnung

The PURITY CONCEPT V contains a line color camera with a resolution of 50 µm and is therefore, able to detect even smallest deviations. For this, adaptive detection algorithms analyze the inspected material. For example, color deviations due to cross contamination are optionally displayed and evaluated on the monitor (picture 1). This way, the operator receives besides the information about number, area and size also findings about the color spectrum of the inspected sample.

Within the inspected sample, the saturation and the color value distribution of the detected deviations are clearly displayed in a diagram (picture 2). Due to the visualization in a common scatter plot, the distance of the saturation and the color value of the contamination to the good material is clearly to see (picture 3).

Bild 3: Punktewolke zur Darstellung der Farbsättigung und des Farbtons von farblichen Abweichungen
The adjustment to specific requirements, like e. g. the detection sensitivity, is done by the operator by choosing the recipe parameters.

Therefore, the PURITY CONCEPT V offers a reliable sample inspection with regard to the detection of black specks, identifies color deviations and enables their exact allocation and analysis. Furthermore, the system provides a test certificate with all information about the inspected pellets as well as a summarization of the test results. Thus, it provides the prerequisite for material release and delivery to the customer.