Owners/users of SIKORA measuring, control, inspection, sorting or analysis devices will find the complete device documentation, as well as other interesting documents, on the SIKORA systems by the following link:

  • Operating documentation for SIKORA measuring and control devices
  • Operating documentation for SIKORA processors and display units
  • User manuals for the software applications
  • Templates for language files of the applications (LNG files)
  • Information on usable fieldbus systems
  • SIKORA Diagnosis Software
  • Service brochures in German and English


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Privacy Notice:

Tresorit uses end-to-end encryption technology, ensuring the highest levels of security for data transfer and users.

SIKORA has internal sight of the e-mail and IP address used when accessing the Tresorit data sharing system. Users agree to this when verifying access. The two items of data are stored in an access log. They will not be collected, disclosed or used for any purpose other than the intended provision of device documentation.

See the page on verifying or logging in with the Tresorit data sharing system for more detailed privacy information relating to the system used.

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